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About Us

Our Commitment to Results

Our Company Data

We believe that commitment is a decision. It means you have decided to do whatever is necessary until you achieve your results. It requires that you take action, it means we are 100% all in until we arrive at our intended result of providing the right service at the right time to our client’s.

NAICS Codes:

561210, 561720 ,561730, 541613 & 541611

Our Philosophy

IBB Consulting has strong core values of Experience, Reliability, Integrity and Commitment. We focus and conduct our business with uncompromising commitment to our values and total client satisfaction. We achieve our common objectives through hard work, teamwork and building trust and earning our client’s respect.

Our Experience

We have a comprehensive background in Facilities Management, Operations & Maintenance and Contractors Management. We have successfully demonstrated the execution of special projects such as but not limited to Government contracting, large moves, office openings, decommissioning, reconfigurations, prepping space for subleasing and other critical initiatives.

We are experience in selecting, managing and negotiating with facilities vendors and subcontractors, as well as assisting in development and communication of facility policies, best practices and safety procedures within organizations. IBB Consulting has a proven track record of effectively escalating complicated facilities service and maintenance issues to ensure timely completion of all work.   

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